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Hello, I am a nursing student at Purdue University, and over the past semester I have researched the disadvantages and advantages that male nurses face compared to female nurses. Please answer the following questions honestly so... Read More

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    I went into nursing at the encouragment of my wife who is a dentist. There was a local nursing school, it provided a vocation that would allow me to ALWAYS get a job regardless of my geographic location and it was a challenge. I enjoy helping people and this was a direct way to meet that need. I had many males in class with me and friends and family were supportive. I work as a med/surg contingent in a small community hospital. I'm treated differently. Doctors (many of them foreign) do listen to me more than the other nurses. When I first started to work the other nurses would get me to call the doctors for discharge orders. I was able to get what we wanted. Since we work with lots of ortho patients I do a lot of heavy lifting. And I'm sought out for that. I do get assigned belligerent patients, substance abusers and many mentally ill patients. But I have experience working with that population as I was a substance abuse counselor and worked on a crisis line. I can easily lift 200lbs. I think that the nurses I work with are a good judge of my strengths (physical and otherwise) and assign me appropriately. They also give me male patients when they can. There is some barriers due to my sex. I was taking care of a fragile 93 year old woman who told me she was an RN. She wouldn't let me bath her, help her with her toilet or do foley care. She told me it wasn't right for me to take care of women. I asked her if she had ever took care of men. "That's different". But by the end of my first shift these barriers were broken and she was willing to see me as a nurse and not a "Male Nurse" and had no hesitation with me providing care. My nursing manager told me that she loves having me work. I was puzzled as there are much more experienced and proficient nurses on my unit. I've only praticed 3 years. She said shifts just go better when I'm there. I think that strictly one sexed environments aren't natural and we do better when there's a mix. I enjoy nursing with all its challenges and rewards.

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    1)...I got into nursing for several different reasons a: I was a Combat medic in the military, and they paid for my BSN in nursing. b: I found that I have 'natural" ability for this work (trying to make it not sound arrogant :-) ) c: this field aloows me to have a steady job with a GOOD income. d: I realized that my BA degree is really a useless degree.

    2) My family thought it was kind of funny actually that I became a a good way though. with 4 sisters and 4 brothers the only 2 to become nurses were 2 of the boys....go figure. kinda of funny in a role reversal way.

    3) yes I have been treated differently as a male in this field. Once when I was a rookie nurse, I was assigned to a post hystorectomy pt. I was called into the supply room by one of the "superior" ( in her mind) nurses and was told that I should NOT be taking care of this post hystorectomy pt. That I could not understand what this poor lady was going through. I told her GO TO HELL, that I certainly could take great care of her, and that I felt that my being a man had no bearing on my ability to EMPATHIZE with this lady. then I asked her if she then should take care of a guy who had testicular cancer and had his testicles removed?...she had no answer for this, so I smiled at her and said get a life and left the room. She never did questrion my ability after that. I also get called on alot to help move pt's and take care of abusive pt's. I do not mind at all., also the Doc's seem to take us more serioulsly when we call in the middle of the night......that helps alot.

    4) the streotypes do that all male nurses are gay...I know 5-6 gay male nurses and I know at least 20 female lesbian nurses...I am a happily married nurse that is straight......but remeber a sexual preferance does not mean a thing...I also know several semi pro athletes that are gay....
    also that men only like to work in the critcal care areas....yes, I have worked in the ICU, ER, and high pressure jobs of I work in the last place you would think a man would work other than labor and delivery ( I know several Male L&D nurses)...I work in a level 2 nursery and pt's love me they think of me as a giant teddy bear that knows all the cartoons on the cartoon network. and the parents love me because I am GENTLE with their kids. I know my strenght and know how to be careful with it and act gently with the little ones.

    and rmember after it all comes down to it...the pt's know this and accept it. and also never forget to let the pt's know that the doctor does not save their life in an is us the nurses that do it.
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    Would NEVER advise a female to become a nurse. Only having MORE men in nursing will continue to drive up prices.

    Get TONS more respect from psycho physicians and nurse "managers" then female nurses.

    Men stay full-time longer, and demand and get full-time treatment.
    Men don't have the sick time equivalent of females. The home/child care responsibilities. (Talking in general terms here, you 'guys'.)

    Female income remains subservient to the male. Few men make job/career/location changes to "follow" their wives career plans. Thats'a fine if the woman makes more money...I'd do it in an instant, by da' way.

    (Trying to get her into accounting so that I can work "part-time" and goof off more.)

    oink, oink.
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    1)Why did you choose nursing as a career?
    I've done a lot of different things, not going to list them all, but I decided I wanted a job that makes a difference, a job that doesn't make somebody else rich, and a job that i can feel good about doing.

    2)How did your family and friends feel about your decision?

    My friends think I'm F#$^ed up anyway, my family stopped being suprised by stuff that I do a long time ago, My mother has always been supportive of what ever i have done, except for drag racing, she just worried too much, but never came right out an said she dissaproved, but she did buy me the proper flame proof clothing and always made sure my helmet was in good shape, my wife suported my career shoice also

    3)Have you ever been treated different because you are a man in the nursing field? If so, please describe an incident.
    Doc's treat us like they are their buddies,and thick we are usually the charge nurse, a lot of women patients say that men make better nurses cuz we are gentler, probably cuz we have to try harder to be gentle

    4)Do you feel that there are stereotypes facing male nurses? If so, what are these stereotypes?
    The homo thing, granted there are probably more homo's in nursing than like construction, but no as many as in like ballet or figure skating, I have several replys that usually shut people up ie: in a bar or sonthing i usually say "well you'll look pretty stupid getting the $hit beat out of you by a ***" or "I get paid to work with beautiful women, you work with a bunch of sweaty men"...
    everyonce in a while you get the "not smart enough for med school" question, depends on my mood, but it's usually a simple "F@#$k you". I can get pretty crass, but you get sick of stupid people saying the same thing over and over, I get asked if my wife is a nurse too almost every day, can't figure that out.

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