Just got accepted to the Hinds Spring 2014 ADN Program,does anybody have any advice

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    I just got my acceptance letter yesterday. I am an Army veteran and currently a Firefighter/EMT. I am pretty frickin stoked. Just wanted to say what's up and see if anybody else on here will be attending at that time. Also, does anybody have any advice they want to give, helpful books or tools, things I can do to get a head start, anything?

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    How exciting. Many congrats to you!
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    Which city is this located in? I will move to the Student nursing forum for that State
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    Congratulations!! I got my acceptance letter Friday! I was really surprised they came so soon!! I am sooo happy!! I am already CPR certified so I'll be able to skip that part of registration. I'm nervous, but excited as well! Anyone else got accepted??

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