Job that requires certain certificationn questio forr application..

  1. I currently work in Acute medicine but want to apply to a part time LD position. There are no substantial requirements other than NRP certification. How do I put on my resume that I don't have NRP certification but would be willing to if offered the job. Maybe they'll certify me, or maybe I should do it before I apply? Any advice appreciated!!
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  3. by   CodeteamB
    Something along the lines of "I am committed to continuing education and am highly interested in completing my NRP" in your cover letter.
  4. by   MadpeysRN
    Thanks! For the reply!
  5. by   klone
    Most hiring managers will not expect that someone new to L&D would have your NRP already, and will expect to have to provide the class for you. It's not a big deal, as nurses have to be recertified every 2 years, so there are always nurses on the unit who have to recertify, and there will be classes available on a regular basis that they will plan to have you attend. It's not necessary for you to get your certification beforehand.