Job interview questions?

  1. Im going to a job interview tomorrow for a charge nurse position on a rehab floor. I need some tips and possible questions to ask in the interview?

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  3. by   Whispera
    1) Tell me about a difficult situation and how you handled it.
    2) How would you get your staff to change bad habits?
    3) What's your leadership style--give an example of how you used it effectively.
    4) What would you do if someone was not doing his or her job?
    5) What experience do you have with budgeting?
  4. by   augwest

    These are questions i should expect to answer or that i should ask?...sorry
  5. by   Whispera
    oops, I misread your original post--what I typed are things you would be asked! duhh to me!
  6. by   augwest
    Thanks, those are good questions i know i will hear. It was good to see them in print.