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The A&O patient is claiming he has a BM and when you go to clean him up, it looks exactly like semen. Multiple staff have seen it and they all agree. However, he has a foley in and the MD says its... Read More

  1. by   Cul2
    "Some comments are just in fun and not meant to offend."

    Agreed. But let's level the playing field. If a man makes a crude remark in from of a group of women, and then says it's just in jest, how will that go over? Could it be considered sexual harassment? You bet. The intent isn't what counts; it's how it's taken that matters. This applies women too, not just men.

    "It was a joke. It's OK to laugh and not turn everything into a debate."

    Okay. If that's the way it is, then that's the way it is when a group of men make demeaning jokes about women in front of other women. Don't call that harassment, either. Gender equity, right?

    "but what you need to grasp is that some male patients do things on purpose to embarrass female nurses"

    Some men are jerks. Okay? So are some women. I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about most people. Mike A. Fungin RN had it right: "Hey, ever stop to think some of the guys who are flirting do it to cover up how uncomfortable and/or scared they are? I've been told as much by a few male patients." Reread his post. He knows what he's talking about.

    "If I had a penny for every male nurse that thought that there should be preferable hiring,NS admission for men, I would be a rich woman."

    I love the above comment. You write as if it didn't take affirmative action and quotas and incentives to get women into male dominated occupations. It did, and it still does. Why shouldn't the same strategies be used to get men into female dominated occupations -- like nursing? Gender equity, right? Or does gender equity just translate as women's rights?

    "This BB is not designed for pts..."

    Why do you assume I'm a patient? Why should I assume you are a nurse? Nobody really knows for sure who most people really are on this or any other blog. All that we really have are our words, our reasoning, our logic, our argument. Do they sound reasonable? Are they valid? Do they make sense?

    I've written this on past posts on other threads. Whenever any occupation becomes dominated by one gender, certain ways of thinking predominate. Sometimes this is biased thinking, and those doing it don't even see it because that's just the way it is. This certainly goes for male dominated occupations. I'm sure I don't need to elaborate about how difficult it has been for women to become accepted in male male occupations. It's still going on. Women are quick to point out this kind of discrimination, but we rarely hear women recognize it when they are in charge.

    Having said all I've said, I want to repeat the wise remarks of Mike A. Fungin RN: " know most of you ladies are awesome and understand all of this without needing to be told, but that was for those who need a heads up."

    There are some who need that heads up.
  2. by   sirI
    Please, let's stay on topic: Is it possible for a pt. to ejaculate with a foley in?.

    Please don't make it a gender-bias issue; it's not. Please do not make comments on a personal level one-on-one and back and forth as this derails the thread.

    It is a legitimate question and replies can be educational. Future comments that derail the thread will be deleted...

    Thank you.
  3. by   Thunderwolf
    The answer to the question is...yes.

    When I was active duty many years ago working in a military hospital, I saw the evidence in patient foley bags more times than I would care to admit.

    The answer is yes.

    Moving on.
  4. by   arelle68
    Well. My. I wouldn't have imagined it possible.
  5. by   I_LOVE_TRAUMA
    Just last week in my ED, a male patient ejaculated WHILE we were inserting his catheter. We have had a few FF who have come in because they want us to insert a foley because it gives them sexual gratification. Also have lots of men, of all ages who come in with anything from ink pens to metal rods up their urethras-for sexual purposes only. I have also been witness to many men masturbating (successfully) with a foley in place. Not male bashing here-just stating facts!

    As for the "professionalism" part of this post- this topic (sex) is very much a part of what we provide education for in this business, from trying to teach a person that it is dangerous to stick things up their urethra/rectum, to teaching men how to overcome impotence, or teaching a person who has a colostomy about sexual contact, or a person with HIV about safety.

    For many of my patients, no matter their diagnosis, they want to know how their illness is going to affect their sex life, and how they can remain sexually active for as long as possible. It is usually their first and foremost concern. It is a HUGE part of our job.
  6. by   southernbeegirl
    our professor that did our urology lectures in nursing school actually lectured on this one day. she also taught us to teach our male patients with foleys how to have sex with a foley in place. i tell ya...that is ONE lecture i will never forget, haha!

    this must be a common subject for nurses. at least once a year or so someone asks this question at work and off we go again, lol.
  7. by   life_aknew
    Quote from siri
    please, let's stay on topic: is it possible for a pt. to ejaculate with a foley in?.

    please don't make it a gender-bias issue; it's not. please do not make comments on a personal level one-on-one and back and forth as this derails the thread.

    it is a legitimate question and replies can be educational. future comments that derail the thread will be deleted...

    thank you.
    thank you, because i for one was very curious indeed if this happens and why. it took six long pages on something totally different, but i got lots of good answers nonetheless
  8. by   josinda421
    believe me, I've also seen this I just ignore it and go on my business
  9. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Did he have bad diarrhea? If some one has had an irritable bowl the mucus on the inside line of the rectum can increase. Ejaculate has a distinct smell.
  10. by   cherrybreeze
    Quote from HeartsOpenWide
    Did he have bad diarrhea? If some one has had an irritable bowl the mucus on the inside line of the rectum can increase. Ejaculate has a distinct smell.

    Rectal mucus tends to have a different color though, from brown to quite yellowish. So, I think that would be fairly easy to tell the difference.
  11. by   dnp2004
    Quote from UKRNinUSA
    I looked after a patient recently he thought he ejaculated around his foley every time he had a BM. It turned out that it was purulent material from the MRSA infection in his bladder. Ick!
    Very good point! In medicine it is never good to ass-u-me anything, especially if one is over-sensitive to issues or has immature hang-ups dealing with patient sexuality.
  12. by   kidney patient 10
    Unfortunately, I can honestly say that people can and do ejaculate with a foley in place.
    I had my kidney removed due to a cancerous tumor 2 weeks ago. One week after surgery, I had a wet dream and it was very, very strange. I think that it was just bulit up energy coming out during my dreams.
    I have had morning wood each night and this was just my hormones boiling over.
    I was very grossed out when it happened. I thought that the surgery and anxiety over the surgery would be enough to keep this from happening, but low and behold, I am not in control when I am dreaming.

    I am 35 years old and have probably not had a wet dream since I was 15.

    The semen came out between the catheter and the penis. I was at first disgusted with what happened, but then I was wondering if there was some stuff that did not make it out or some that would get stuck between the catheter and my penis creating a bad situation for bacteria to grow. However, I did some cleanup and nothing has happened in the past week. I will have this catheter out in 8 days, so I hope that this does not happen again. If it does happen, I'm not going to worry about it as much.

    Morning wood with the catheter is a bit painful, but isn't the end of the world.
  13. by   johnny depp23
    I guess in theory/hypothesis it would be possible, but my god would it be painful.