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At my current position, there are always staffing shortages, and therefore, always shifts to pick up. I have a schedule where I work several 12 hour shifts, followed by up to 9 days off of work. ... Read More

  1. by   NevadaFighter
    In my experience, only work extra if you want to work extra.
    It sounds like you don't really want to but you maybe feel a little guilty because other people are picking up and you are not.
    Now, whether or not you want to pick up depends very much on your particular situation that you are going through.
    I can only speak to my personal situations.
    I knew that I would benefit more from having time off than from picking up extra shifts to have extra $$$.
    Also, when you work 12 hour shifts, you probably know that it ends up taking about 15 hours out of your day. You must figure that into the equation.
    I would almost never pick up extra shifts as an hourly employee.

    When I did, it was because they were offering double bonus, which meant an extra $20 an hour plus overtime. But even then, I would have to carefully weigh whether the money or the rest would benefit me more.
  2. by   purplegal
    Yeah, I probably do feel guilty because other nurses are picking up all the time, and now, when I'm actually able to, I did not even pick up 4 hours. Before, when I worked two jobs, it was more understandable why I did not pick up. But now that it's my full time job, it doesn't look as good to be making less effort than others. I probably didn't need 9 whole days off.
  3. by   MunoRN
    Personally I think it's bad to pick up extra shifts, all that does is to enable the bad practice of hospitals utilizing overtime to fill variable staffing needs, which has been proven to be unsafe to both staff and patients.
  4. by   Here.I.Stand
    Quote from beekee
    At my first job, they'd call incessantly to ask me to pick up extra shifts. I worked nights; I remember one day they called seven times in two hours during my normal sleep hours. I didn't answer. First, I was sleeping. Second, I didn't want to work extra and knew that if I answered they'd try to guilt me into it. I didn't feel like having to deal with their emotional blackmail. Anyway, I actually got sent to the DON's office for not answering the phone.

    Some facilities will use just about any means necessary to try to get you to work more. (Except better working conditions, reasonable ratios, or a higher wage). You are under no obligation to do it. You are under no obligation to explain to them why you don't do it.
    This is straight-up harrassment!! They should have been more worried about their stalkerish behaviors than about your telephone use IN YOUR OWN PRIVATE HOME!!
  5. by   Crush
    As other have mentioned, it is technically not required but your co-workers may appreciate it. Make a list of pros and cons and do what works best for you. I don't always pick up but I will stay over for 4 hours or maybe pick up 1-2 extra shifts a year. The rest of the time I have no problem saying no. My time off is my time off.
  6. by   Racer15
    Nope. I never pick up extra shifts, my prn gig pays $75/hr so no need for OT. But I also recently went to night shift voluntarily to help out for at least a few months, so my manager is giving me holidays off, etc...even though I'd rather work. I used to pick up extra shifts a lot...if I recall, your job history is a hot mess, you'd do well to do anything to make your bosses appreciate you.
  7. by   purplegal
    Then again, I may want to pick up shifts just so I can save up to buy a house that wasn't built in the 1970s or 1980s. Anything else is too expensive, I'm not sure how others are doing it.
  8. by   ThePrincessBride
    I work a ft job and a contingent...I am fried.

    I pick up mostly because I am greedy. I use the extra money to contribute my 403b and Roth to the IRS max, pay for international trips and pad my efund.

    But I think I'm going to slow down. I'm feeling crispy.
  9. by   Fiona59
    I will pick up a couple of extra shifts a month. BUT I'm very selective about which shifts and which unit I'll go to.

    Staffing doesn't have a problem bothering me, so I feel that I can be selective. They've never said no.
  10. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    I do not feel any responsibility to pick up extra shifts. Doing so reinforces and enables UNSAFE staffing because it gives managers the illusion they have enough staff. I do make it a point to pick up or trade shifts with my coworkers as they request it or otherwise need help AND if I'm able to swap/switch/take on their shift for them. To me the latter is teamwork and the former (picking up extra shifts to take a hit for the team hurts the team in the long run) is enabling unsafe staffing to continue.

    Thank you.
  11. by   sunny time
    wow I would never let anyone know that I was not working during that time. I had a schedule like that but I picked up shifts through a staffing office at another facility. When asked if I would work an extra shift I would say I am working my other job. The staffing office stopped asking me. on the other hand the few shifts O did pick up were not worth it. When I looked at my stub I barely made $100 for a 12 hour shift. Taxes cleaned me out. I would take home $500 FOR A 12 Hour shift at my other job. It really is not worth working yourself to death for altruistic reasons. Trust and believe you are not the only one who needs and wants 9 days off in a row. when you do return to work don't you feel refreshed? have a smile on your face and put 100% back into working?
  12. by   Vacationtime247
    Never, ever, for any reason whatsoever. Don't want to work more, don't go in debt and stop spending money on needless things. Personally only work 1 day a week for 16 hours. Made it a goal to work the bare minimum of hours needed to survive. Just don't feel like sacrificing my time to buy more junk. Usually have to be blunt with staffing and other nurses. I'm not picking up, trading or staying over. But I'll be here on the day I choose for a double and do my job. But beyond that, forget it.
  13. by   LadysSolo
    I used to agree to stay over 1/2 shift on fairly regular basis, if I needed the money. There was a brief period when my ex-husband managed to get my paycheck attached for his bad debts, and for that time I worked as much as 6 doubles in a week. I got his debt paid off in one month, and felt like cr^^ the whole time, but it had to be done. If I had the time and wanted extra cash, (in other words, if it served my needs,) sure. I would also do it to help out a co-worker if he or she needed a favor.