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How's your health insurance for 2010

  1. 1 Curious about upcoming employee benefits especially regarding mental health parity bill passed by Feds last year. Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare is a self insured plan and has employees in several states WI, IL, IA, CO. They are changing from a $2 million lifetime limit to a 365 inpatient day max lifetime limit for combined medical/psyche and a 52 annual doctor visits for med/psyche. Before I believe inpt psyche was only 30 days lifetime max.

    Also they are adding a $10,000 penalty for insured injured and not wearing a seatbelft or helmet in car, motorcycle and biking accidents!

    Lastly a $20 surcharge for smokers. There's already a spouse surcharge.

    I'm curious how other nurses insurance compares. Please respond. Is this typical. To me it seems outrageous, especially the $10,000 penalty. It seems like we are living in a police state and big brother is watching!
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    In addition they have made all proton pump inhibitors 50% copay and that only if they approve it for use after the first 90 days. No exceptions, no generics.

    Non-sedating allergy meds and viagra are 100% copay. I could care less about viagra it seems recreational to me, but the other meds are medically necessary.

    The complained that too many people were using these meds and therefore decided not to cover them any longer and suggested behavioral changes as an option or pay out of pocket.

    I wish we had national health care I'm sick to death of being nickled and dimed to death and every year it only gets worse.
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    My health insurance as a nurse has always been subpar. I use my husband's insurance; it is always better. His insurance always has lower copays and deductibles. Frankly, I am shocked by how bad our insurance is as nurses.

    We should have the BEST insurance policies since many of us work for top notch health care facilities. I have 3 relatives in the computer business that all have better insurance than I could ever qualify for!
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    It doesn't apply to me because I'm PRN and don't get benefits, but I work for a freestanding psychiatric inpatient facility that provides its employees health insurance with no mental health coverage. (I haven't heard anything about whether that's going to be different next year.)
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    My benefits are better this year; my system has negotiated well on 13,000 people's behalves. No union interceding needed.

    As for the $10,000.
    I think it makes sense. If you are dumb enough not to wear a seatbelt, so be it.

    It is a behavioral issue.

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    I have a really confusing PPO. We just found out that it doesn't cover CAT scans.
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    Quote from Not_A_Hat_Person
    I have a really confusing PPO. We just found out that it doesn't cover CAT scans.
    Well, maybe you get an even MORE expensive MRI instead.
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    I don't have insurance. The 10 grand is a great idea! Dumb animals who don't helmet or buckle up should not sap off the rest of the payors.

    I've had it with private hospitals and looking for govt bennies and jobs now.