How many liters of O2 is really safe with COPD? - page 3

Hi this is my first time posting I tried to search my question but the search was not working. I'm a newly licensed RN and I'm not working yet so I'm a little unsure of my knowledge. Ok so some... Read More

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    Quote from Poochiewoochie
    The OP posted this in 2011-I'm sure her grandmother is no longer on hospice.
    Whoops, I'm usually check that stuff better. So I guess she's not a new grad either now.
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    I know this thread is old, but Grntea, I want to give you a standing ovation on that metabolic/respiratory acidosis vs alkalosis post. Even while lying in bed fighting my melatonin, I understood what you were explaining, and I'm one of those who has a difficult time with the blood gas stuff most of the time. Thank you SO much, I will definitely be carrying that around on some kind of cheat sheet!
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