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How do you reward yourself after a tough shift? - page 5

Just for fun. :D Do you ever reward yourself after a tough shift, patient, patient load, weekend, night, etc? I like to get Starbucks on the way home. It's about once every two weeks but when I... Read More

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    It's probably already been said, but I had to place my vote for a hot bath... just thinking about it now makes me want to have one when I get home from this shift, not that it's been a difficult one at all!
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    Starbucks or Panera for breakfast. If it was a painful shift with lots of turning, pushing etc...a warm bath with some nice bubble bath. Then I'm out like a light.
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    A good book, pedicure, and a looong nap...not necessarily in that order.

    And a new pair of shoes!
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    Benadryl, melatonin, and a beer. Makes for a good day's sleep.
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    Nice long hot shower, comfy PJ's, sit on my porch with my dog, and a tall glass of ice cold Splenda sweet tea.

    Sometimes, if it has been an exceptionally difficult day, my dear husband will give me a back massage too. I never discuss work off the clock, he is just great about reading the expression I have when I get home.
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    Quote from amygarside
    ice cream relieves stress
    Yummy Ben and Jerry's strawberry cheesecake.... The Absolute Best Ever!
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    Breakfast margaritas at Taco Cabana, conveniently located about three miles from my house. It's one of only a few advantages of living in Texas, home of the 24 hour margarita.