How do I get involved in Alternative/Holistic nursing?

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    What do you do when you have a nursing degree but don't believe in Western medicine or our health care system? I recently received my BSN degree and through my schooling came to the realization that I very much disagree with our health care system and Western medicine. I do not want to work in a hospital and am more interested in working in holistic/alternative nursing but have no idea where to begin to get into that field. Has anyone else had these feelings? I would appreciate any advice on this, I feel completely lost right now. I am still interested in helping people and being a nurse, but I don't feel that Western medicine is really that helpful. No one else in my nursing school cared to try and understand my feelings/beliefs, so now that I am done I am really trying to find others who do but am having a hard time. I don't want to be a typical nurse in a hospital because I feel that by giving medications and other Western medicine treatments I would be going against what I believe. I know that I am a very compassionate and caring person who is great with people, I just need to find the right place for me and don't know where to begin!

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    Well, I think you first have to look at what you're asking. Holistic nursing doesn't necessairly exclude Western medicine. Here's a link for the Holistic Nurses Association:

    I'd think you'd start there to see what the organization is all about..standards of practice, etc..see if that fits into what you're thinking. I'm wondering though, if based upon your statements you're really looking into alternative medicine. I'm not really sure what resources are available and more importantly what jobs may be available in that field. I'd definitely start with that organization and try to network from there.

    I'd like to offer a word of caution: if you do decide to practice with alternative medicine, make sure you follow your state's board of nursing requirements for practice. I'm not sure about practice limitations in that field so I'd learn your practice act pretty thoroughly. And to maintain licensure, you're still going to have to meet continuing education requirements..if you look at CEU's and they happen to be for alternative medicine topics, please make sure they are recognized by your state board so you don't jeopardize your license renewal.

    I have to say I'm puzzled by why you feel Western medicine isn't beneficial. I personally feel incoporating holistic ideals into western medicine is wonderful. Personally, I've come to realize the benefits of aromatherapy and have incorporated it into my personal life. And I do have friends who have signed on to the benefits of herbal medicines. But they use those in conjunction with Western treatments, an enhancement of supplement areas western medicine might not be looking at. This isn't a criticism of your beliefs, just food for thought so to speak.

    Having said all that, you could research what areas of alternative medicine you feel you'd like to explore then contact their professional organizations. For example, Aromatherapy is very big in England and I've gotten some great resources from organizations over there. Just try googling "Holistic Nursing" and you could even try "alternative medicine nursing". I got a lot of hits with the second one. Good luck to you.
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    I understand where you're coming from. Check out AHNA, as the previous person suggested.
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    I'm sorry that I can't offer advice (as I have wondered the same question many times!) but just wanted to offer some encouragement. I am the same way and I know exactly what you mean.. I think in emergency cases, obviously western medicine is great, but in day-to-day life, I refuse to take things such as antibiotics, opting for all-natural solutions. I'm not a nurse yet (student!) but I can only imagine how hard it will be one day when others in the field hear about my beliefs.. luckily I've done enough research and have enough personal experience to stand my ground for myself and my future patients.

    So, I just wanted you to know you aren't alone. I'm sure you knew that already, but I just wanted to remind you. And maybe your post did more for me letting me know there were others like myself out there than the other way around.. :wink2:
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    i have to say i'm puzzled by why you feel western medicine isn't beneficial

    i have to say that i agree. could you please elaborate a little?

    i went into kidney failure in 2007 and almost died, surely the western medicine and skills of my doctors and nurses really helped me.

    i have seen countless lives saved through medicine, including my own!

    i believe that discounting any helpful and necessary treatment goes against what nursing is about.. which is healing.
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    I can relate to you so much!!!
    I quit my job last year and I haven't looked back yet. I am hoping I don't have to go back, but if I need health insurance I would.

    I agree emergencies, western medicine can save your life.

    But it was a holistic md who found my celiac disease that no other doctor found nor tested me for. Instead, they give me all kinds of tests and meds to combat everything else.

    I also had surgery twice for skin cancer, and found out that simple black salve gets rid of skin caner.

    For stomach problems, we are prescribed prilosec instead of getting to the route of the problem.

    Western medicine focuses on bandaids to keep the money coming in...were as I am interested in cures.

    Chemo kills more than it helps! I have read that only 97% survive after receiving chemo. I used to think that was bogus until I began to take notice myself. All of my patients who began chemo are all dead now...but I am sure there are 3 percent out there that I don't know about...yet alternative meds/supplements and diet have saved so many more from cancer IMO.

    Mammograms increase risk of cancer...that right there drives me crazy!
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    If you're really not interested in Western medicine, why stay in nursing at all? There are plenty of training programs in various holistic/alternative therapies out there ...
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    Quote from elkpark
    If you're really not interested in Western medicine, why stay in nursing at all? There are plenty of training programs in various holistic/alternative therapies out there ...
    I will speak for myself. I went to nursing school in the early 90s to "save lives" then came the internet and all of the truths about how medications can do more harm then we thought.

    Then you go through all of that training to work, and you get to see first hand the destruction of medications to the human body.

    There is a place for western medicine, but having been there myself to see first hand the polypharmacy effects on my own body, vs. health and alternative medicine, I have a much different view.

    If you think the big pharma is out for real cures, think again.

    As former FDA employees that have been fired for telling the truth say "a sick patient is a paying client"

    For more info on this, do a search for: Pharmaceutical Medicine Reform: Whistleblowers Lead Way If it doesn't make you sick the next time you give a new drug to a patient, I don't know what will.

    We need to speak out as nurses. We are in it to SAVE LIVES!!!
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    Quote from regnurse1995
    Chemo kills more than it helps! I have read that only 97% survive after receiving chemo.
    Only 97% survive? I'm confused. Is surviving cancer a bad thing?
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    Quote from Not_A_Hat_Person
    Only 97% survive? I'm confused. Is surviving cancer a bad thing?
    I typed it incorrectly.

    Here is one of the articles I read:
    "You may be surprised to learn that, despite its reputation as the go-to cancer treatment, chemotherapy has an average 5-year survival success rate of just over 2 percent for all cancers, according to a study published in the journal Clinical Oncology in December 2004"

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