Hospital Systems in the Dallas Area

  1. I am graduating in December and will be working in the north Dallas area. I have applied with Presby and HCA (Medical Center of Plano and McKinney.) I was curious if anyone had any input about these hospitals, regarding pay, new grad stuff, or anything about the work environment in general.
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  3. by   JuicyJem
    Just keeping this active, hoping for a reply!
  4. by   TexasRN31
    Hey Juicy, I'm in the Dallas area also, but I don't work at those hospitals. If you need info about Parkland though............ Congrats on your upcoming graduation!
  5. by   JuicyJem
    Thanks! I live about 35-40 minutes from downtown in good traffic, so I am looking for something a bit closer. But I would love to know about Parkland's internship program.
  6. by   Brownms46
    mattsmom is on here, and she knows about the North Dallas area, I think. She does agency, so maybe you could pm her.
  7. by   JJFROG
    Teeituptom should be able to help too.