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Help with Care Plan for Autistic Children with food allergy

  1. 0 I am trying to create a care plan for autistic children with potential for anaphylactic reaction from food allergy in our school ( I am a school nurse in a school for autistic children), as you know, several of these children have no or limited social and communication skills, for ineffective breathing pattern related to inflammation of airway and Effective therapeutic regimen related to school management of food allergy care as Nursing diagnosis, could you add to my short and long term goals and expected outcomes keeping in mind their limited verbal and communication skills, Thanks.
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    Try posting on the Schoolnurse site - you will likely meet someone there with experience with your question.
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    First post and it reads like a homework question!

    OP, you know your population better than a group of strangers on the 'net. Look at individual pupils and there's your answer.
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    Please excuse my skepticism, but I agree with Fiona59. This sounds more like a homework question than an emergency action plan or 504 plan that would be written in the school setting.

    I have never used nursing diagnosis terminology in a school based plan. No one but me would understand it.

    If you are truly writing a plan for a student in the school setting with limited ability to communicate acute distress, I would suggest that you use wording that lay people will understand, such as clear description of a child experiencing a severe allergic reaction. You can go head to toe, or system by system listing obvious signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, then give step by step instructions of the necessary actions, including calling for help, obtaining the child's Epi-pen and other emergency meds, calling 911 and the parents, etc.
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    ::sniff sniff:: homework

    It's a good assignment and an interesting idea, but I'd like to see more ideas from the OP about how to complete it, rather than ask us to complete it for you.