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    Help, I am doing drug cards for the first time. Currently, I am using a nursing drug book that I have but unfortunately, it does not have an of the diff. insulin types in it. I need to make cards on NPH Insulin, Reg. insulin, 70/30 Insulin, Lantus, and Lispro. Can someone help me? I am planning on getting some pharm cards to use in the future but for the above, I need to get the info from the internet. Thanks


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    Call the hospital where you are doing rounds and find out if they have micromedex available. If so you should be able to get the info from that, if not then call a local pharmacy and explain the problem ask for help. Does your school library have a drug guide available?
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    Google " insulin chart" and you'll get a lot of info. Wish the internet had been around when I was in school.
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