Health exams

  1. Just a question?? Do jobs really exist for LPN's that can do like health exams or something not quite as "demanding physically" I have been a LPN for 19 years & love nursing but our small rural area & my recent health changes, I am having difficulty finding something. Any ideas???Thank you
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  3. by   HouTx
    Scope of practice varies by state, but in general, LP/VNs must be directly supervised by a physician or RN. This would eliminate any sort of "doing general health exams for insurance company" type jobs but there may be other opportunities. Have you considered doing chart audits or medical record reviews? Some of those jobs can be done remotely. I just googled medical record review and got a jillion hits.
  4. by   mamamaclpn94
    Thank you, I actually had considered that. I am waying all options. Thank you for your input.