Has anyone had to turn in an obnoxious coworker to Human Resources.

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  3. by   CEN35
    chuckie.........i take it your a female? just wondered because of the name chuckie? not trying to be mean in the least.

    i don't know this person, and so i can't be one too judge him based off what you said. (with the exception of f****** b****, and the iv incident).
    where i work there are about 8 males and 60 females estimate...(in our dept). i can honestly say there are females that make comments regarding bodily functions as jokes, as well as the males. for example.....someone was trying to get a day off for her birthday.....and i said a party? can't i come too? (i was not even thinking about what i said). they replied.....only if we can too..and laughed.
    i am just saying, make sure there is no input from anybody else that leads him to say some things first.
    make sure they were not isolated incidents where he was having a bad day, or some problems also. we all have bad days. i will be the first to say, i sometimes act or get inappropriate when things are not going well, or am stressed. (i.e. having a bad day)
    second...... if you and your fellow co-workers are sure that these comments etc are inappropriate, then make sure you have proper documentation from anyone hearing or involved in theses issues.
    third - i really think it is your manager/directors job to address the situation. pull him aside and say, nobody wants any problems, but your language and actions are not appreciated or going to be tolerated by the staff. let him know if it continues it will be taken to human resources. it is very important that this is done with someone else and/or a manager. you don't want it to be a one on one thing, where he goes to human resources first and tries to turn it on you.
    good luck chuckie and let me know how things go!
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  4. by   Doey
    write down what your complaints are using examples of the things he has said and done being very objective. after that document how these things are affecting you and your co-workers and the work atmosphere. make a copy of your hospital's harassment policy and include this with it. have everyone sign it and get as many peolpe to go with you to the director and send copies to risk management and hr. let them know you will not tolerate this behavior and will take things further if need be. you shouldn't have to deal with this kind of behavior. there's enough crap to deal with everyday as a nurse and you shouldn't have to leave your job for something like this. good luck.
  5. by   Doey
    i just read your post rick and i agree. you need to make sure there was no precipitating comment made before he made his. i too work with males and there are days that our conversations rival that of any locker room. (no offense rick, it's not just the guys!!). but i am concerned about some of the other behavior like sending nasty notes, the f***b*** statement and the thing with the iv's. i know we can all act unprofessional at times especially when we're having a really bad day. and i will excuse people this but throwing things at someone and using foul language at them is inexcusable. at any rate keep us posted chuckie.

Has anyone had to turn in an obnoxious coworker to Human Resources.