Grad School vs. Nursing School

  1. 0 Hi guess I have a question..... I was kind of in a bind while trying to choose between going to Grad school and majoring in Public Service or going to Nursing school when all of a sudden I heard this "voice" speak to me && say "You really don't want to go to grad school and major in that." And then I asked well what about nursing school then the "voice" spoke again and said "Just because you get in nursing school doesn't mean that you're going to pass the test." I know this might sound crazy but I really want to know anyone's thoughts as to what do you think these statements means to you. Thanks in advanced........
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    You can go to graduate school in nursing, you know. Tell your voices to shut the heck up.
    If they don't... is there a history of schizophrenia in your family?
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    Lol thanx GrnTea && nope nooooo schizo's in my fam

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