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Someone who was very worried of being "exposed to things" at work posted recently; there were several follow-up posts on being afraid of things outside the hospital, not wanting to touch the shopping... Read More

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    Quote from wooh
    I love the people that freak out about handwashing after using a public toilet. So you wash your hands, then stick them under the hand dryer. Which has just sucked up all the bathroom germs, heated them up, and now blown them back onto your hands. Not just the ones from the toilet paper and the stall door. The ones from off the floor, where a toilet overflowed. Sucked up, HEATED UP, and blown straight onto your hands.
    Good points, but: If you are in a public restroom, and you can smell stool- that means you are actually inhaling it. As for the dryers- yes, again, correct- but better than to be constantly rubbing your hands raw with paper towels, which lets the 'coodies' enter your skin. And places with dryers usually don't have doors to exit, they have open walkways, so you don't clean your hands, and then dirty them right away by touching door handles?

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    Love this as it's so true! Constant use of alcohol handwashes/chemicals kill majority of germs and let the few survivors potentially become super bugs. Protecting children completely from the surrounding environment as pointed out doesn't let them build a great immunity. Reasonable cleanliness makes sense and is important in the hospital system for obvious reasons but this method of destroying all pathogens in the home, supermarkets, schools I think might be doing more harm than good.
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    Love your article and your perspective on 'germs' I know my article provoked thoughts about this, so number 1 I am pleased that I caused you to think and write your article and number 2 I have to say although in true life I am not germaphobic believe me I live on a farm and you can only imagine the amount of poop I see at home, I do not want to see people blowing their nose and wiping a table with the same cloth-that does gross me out LOL
    Nor do I watch what is going on in restaurants, my mother tells a story about my father-he was a chef and if he ate out he demanded to see the kitchen before he would eat there!
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    best antivacine story I've seen!
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    Nice article!
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    Quote from morte
    best antivacine story I've seen!
    I don't think this is antivaccine. Just a friendly reminder that there are germs everywhere and we also have normal flora in our bodies and on our skin.
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    I don't know if anyone reads the New Yorker, but they published a fascinating article on Purell recently and why it has become so widespread. I found it to be a good read:

    awker also did an interesting piece on the overuse of hand santizers and increases in childhood allergies/gluten sensitivities/etc... One doctor's opinion was exposing children to routine pathogens would certainly be best way to build immunity but it would bring about an infant mortality rate that would be unacceptable, not to mention there's a lot of $$$$ to be made in keeping fear high and selling many bottles of Purell. Additionally, hand sanitizer can be filled with some ugly stuff: Just Got Lucky: Death by Hand Sanitizer...

    'm generally not germaphobic except when it comes to fecal/oral matter--after that Norovirus outbreak at Noma in San Francisco I'm pretty squeamish and careful about anything food related.
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    I agree with you on many points. But I'm also in the camp that it's still gross. There is a sandwich shop in my town and there is usually just one guy in there working. He wears a pair of gloves. I also see him answer the phone, ring up my order using the cash register, handle money, all while wearing the same pair of gloves. It's gross. I still eat the sandwiches. But it's just pointless to wear the gloves if you aren't going to change them.

    I think some people NOT in the medical profession wouldn't notice that. But I think since we are all nurses and are aware of infection control, we just notice the way some people are careless with that stuff.

    I think infection control is an okay thing to be aware of. The flu epidemic of 1918 would have been a lot less widespread if people knew about handwashing back then. It's okay for us to be vigilant about it, and it's also okay to be relaxed about it sometimes. Either way, let's stop judging each other and the way we raise our kids! To each his/her own.
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    Love the article, Grn Tea - it strikes just the right balance between hysteria and EBP.
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    GREAT article. I work in a non-health related setting at a very public information desk of sorts (not a nurse yet, but hopefully in nursing school soon). Some of my coworkers think they are doing us all a favor by practically drowning the place in Clorox after shift changes at our desk... and shift changes can occur on an hourly basis. It drives me nuts. After taking microbiology, I want to sit everyone in the world down to a one hour lecture on antibiotic resistance and immunity. Everything in moderation.
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