'Fever Blisters'!

  1. Does your job place any restrictions on you if you have an active (fluid-filled vesicles, itching, etc.) herpes labialis lesion or HSV-1 outbreak?
    At a past employer, that was along the lines of active pinkeye or high fever---definite 'no-work'. Have to research my facility's policy ASAP, but curious as to what other facilities do.
    And yes, I am in direct patient care.
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  3. by   LiveandLearn88
    I work in a nursing home and though we have no official policy it has been mentioned that nurses would be sent home if they have "pink eye" or a "fever blister" due to risk of spreading the infection to the residents, however due to staffing issues I've never seen this enforced. During my LPN clinicals we were told that we wouldn't be allowed in any clinical area with any of the aforementioned ailments, especially if we were assigned to L&D that day. The policy makes sense if you are in direct patient care since these individuals are already in an immunocompromised state.