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Hi,Im pretty new to all of this so PLEASE help me if you can.Im getting ready to take my exam to be a cna so I can be working while attending nursing school this Fall.I was browsing through my... Read More

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    Quote from blessedwoman
    How could anyone in their right mind, who is even thinking of entering the medical field, be so quemish about pt. sexual needs. Even though they are in a medical facility, they are still human with needs. Maybe you should look for another career, honey!!!
    Well,I think im in my right mind blessedwoman.......LOL.Actually I have zero problem with my patients expressing themselves sexually it was the "how can YOU help patients fulfill their sexual needs" that threw me.Yes,I admit I had looked ahead in my book and didnt quite understand the question.(I was pretty sure I had misunderstood the question but wanted to make sure I had.)Unfortunately I live in a very rural area and almost all my training is coming from the books I was sent home with.So since I had no instructor to talk to about this question I posted here.