Does anyone have a home health agency in the Norman, OK area they would recommend?

  1. I am in Norman and would like to stay relatively close to home. Looking for a home health agency the someone might recommend over others. I do not have HH experience, but about 3-4 years in hospital environment. Needing day shift that would work around school aged children (into the evening, not later than about 5). Thanks.
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  3. by   MsEnfermera
    Hi i'm not familiar with city locations in OK as I am in CA however I have worked per-diem for almost 15 years with a home health company called Interim Healthcare. They are a national company and I know they have offices in your state. Google them and see if the locations are near your city. Good Luck
  4. by   expiringmind
    Thanks, MsEnfermera. I'll check them out.