do you speak Amharic --Ethiopian language.... do you speak Amharic --Ethiopian language.... | allnurses

do you speak Amharic --Ethiopian language....

  1. 1 As a school nurse,I am having a hard time finding a health care professional who can help me translate a child's shot record from Amharic...Ethiopian language into English.. Can any one help me??

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    I can't help you with the translation as I am unfamiliar with the language. However, perhaps you can get a hold of a local university which teaches the language and ask for their help in translating.
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    You can try the Ethiopian Community Center at 202-637-0900 or Ethiopian Catholic Mission Services in teh USA 202-829-3934.
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    Thank you moderator for you reply!

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    I found this site by accident.

    This is a web site for language translation. It lists Amharic among other spoken/written languages. Good Luck!