Do we need to get naked on classroom?

  1. Hi everyeone...

    I would like to be a nurse but i'm a very shy person, i heard that we have to get naked on the classroom? why is that? what do they make us do? Do they make us get naked with girls and guys together?

    Hehe thanks for the help...
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  3. by   athomas91
    you don't need to get naked...
    the worst we ever did was wear work-out/sports bras and shorts for physical examination class...
  4. by   jor_g0
    I hope is that way on every school, or anyone else had a experience? i would like to know if they did why they make you get naked?

    Thanks Athomas
  5. by   elkpark
    When I started teaching in an ADN program in '94, there was an old battle-axe faculty member who was making the first-year student strip down to panties only to practice bed baths on each other in skills lab (while you were the "patient" in the bed, that is, not walking around with the basin of water!). When I found out about that, I raised a stink and put a stop to it. While nursing school _does_ involve a fair amount of practicing skills on each other (esp. early in the program), there's no legitimate reason to be exposed beyond a hospital gown over underclothes, or shorts and sports bra, as athomas91 mentioned.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    NO!!!!! you do NOT and have the right to refuse undressing. They can practice what they need to on you WITH YOUR CLOTHES ON...just wear a tshirt, shorts, etc. You have NO need to be naked to practice these things.
  7. by   LeesieBug
    The most intimate thing on our agenda is breast exams. I think it is ridiculous that they have us do them on each other, as I find it bizarre to examine my classmates breasts. I recently found out that they do not have a problem with us refusing to participate in that particular activity.

    For bed baths, we were supposed to wear bathing suits, but most of us wound up just bathing our extremities while clothed, and simulating the other areas.

    By the way, you are not naked for anything. Only the area being evaluated should be exposed. In a clinical setting, providing privacy and discretion is key, so why would the skills lab be any different?
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  8. by   Ted
    During my "advanced assessment" for the BSN, we had to be topless in order to draw the lung fields on each other's chest and back. (There was not toplessness for my ASN program.)

    I was the only male.

    For that most dreaded day (no one was looking forward to being topless for this particular assignment) I was late to class. I was the second to last to come to class that night. When I arrived, all of my female class mates had already paired off. The only other class-mate left to come to class that night was a semi-retired 60+ year old nursing administrator. She already had her MSN and only took this class purely for her own benefit.

    By default, she was to be my partner.

    And to be honest with you all, I was more nervous than she was. My hand actually shook when it came time to draw the lung fields on her back. . . then her front!

    And then it was time for me to take off MY shirt for her to draw on me!!! I was not happy for anyone to see my growing pot belly!

    In the end, all went well. We both were professional with the whole deal. And it was a non-negotionable (sp??) deal: EVERYONE had to do this! And we both received good marks for the assignment.

  9. by   huggietoes
    They can not make you undress or even allow another student to 'practice' assessment on you. You have the right to medical confidentiality. My instructors always asked for volunteers for assessment, for breast exam we had the "rubber boobs" with various sized 'tumors' to find on eval. Also women's health clinic and gyn to practice on a real pt. No need to embarrass a fellow student.
  10. by   donmurray
    Call me a cynic, but is it usual for a prospective nursing student make a first (and second) post about getting naked?
  11. by   Ted
    They can not make you undress or even allow another student to 'practice' assessment on you.
    That's probably true now. But it was not true back when I took this particular course. We all begged to back out of the assignment. The answer was always to same: "If you don't do the assignment, you don't pass the course. If you don't pass the course, you don't graduate." Of course, no one was happy with this policy.

    Mind you, this was over 8 years ago. A lot could have happened since then. But to say flat out that no one can make you undress can be a bit misleading. It all depends on the nursing program's policies and whether or not one wants to graduate with their "higher" degree if such a policy exists.

    Of course one can always flat out refuse to accept this type of policy. . . and find another nursing program. But the nursing program I went to was the best and the most affordable around. And I traveled over 70 miles one way to go there.

  12. by   Sis123
    I have never heard of students needing to get naked for anything. The thing that scared me in nursing school was the clinical where NGT's were taught. Everybody had to do one on their partner, and had to have it done to them. YUCK! But the nursing instructors insisted, because for one thing, it made the nurses sympathetic to the patients who would need to have this done to them, and that is a good reason.
  13. by   Jay-Jay
    Don, we've sort of been wondering the same thing. The Mods are keeping an eye on this thread. If the poster's question is genuine and sincere, no problem, and we apologize for having nasty, suspicious minds.

    For now, let's please give this new member the benefit of the doubt.

    Welcome to Allnurses, Jor_g0!

    For our bed bath class, we wore shorts and bras (I think??) It was no big deal, and I don't recall anyone getting upset over it.

    For physical assessment, we used models for the more intimate parts of the assessment (breasts, genitals) We practised on each other for heart, chest and abdominal assessment. The men in the class usually volunteered to be the ones to take their shirts off for this. The women usually just pulled their blouses up at the back, to minimize exposure. I volunteered to let everone hear my leaky heart (small atrial septal defect) but no one was interested!
  14. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Wow, I can't believe this was even a question but no, we didn't have to "get naked". Although, there is one guy in my class I wouldn't mind seeing naked....but that is another thread!
    For our bed bath, we used a mannequin. Of course, as I was turning mine over to simulate a back rub, the stupid things arm fell off! Whoops...