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Different levels of nursing? - page 3

What are you different levels of nursing? I know of a CNA, LVN (I live in CA) LVN, ASN and a BSN. Are the CNA and LVN nurses the ones who do all the grunt work like the dressing of wounds, or.... Read More

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    Another question. Do they have programs where I can follow nurses around and see what they do? I know all this HIPAA privacy could prevent that?
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    There are programs where you could do that, you'd just be bound by HIPAA laws to protect patient confidentiality. You wouldn't be able to do anything and if a patient requested not to have a student in the room for something, you'd have to leave, but there are definitely opportunities to do that if you go looking. I had high school students shadow me when I was a hospital nurse. Call a hospital in your area and ask.