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Have you taken care of any patients who've had any? The first time I had a patient who was apparently having one was a lady who kept looking straight ahead at the wall & having conversations with... Read More

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    Anoxia. Nothing anagogic about it.
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    Quote from tokmom
    Yes, I have had a dying patient tell me to be quiet, because she was listening to the angels sing. She died a few hours later. I guess my dribble wasn't as exciting, lol.

    My uncle saw my dad (his brother) I knew the end was near and sure enough it was.

    Anytime a relative or patient starts seeing family members I know its not a good sign!
    It may well be a very good sign-for the dying person.
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    My mum was dying of cancer of the uterus. I went to visit her one evening, she was in a bed at the end of the ward. We talked for a few minutes, she knew who I was, and she had not had any pain medication. Suddenly, she sat up in bed, looked at the door at the other end of the ward, and said "It's me dad!". I turned round and looked at the door. I knew my dad was not coming to visit.

    No-one was there.

    Her dad had passed away many years before, but I know he came for her. She died two days later.
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    I wanted to share a near-death experience that I had a few years ago with my uncle. If this is the wrong spot please move.

    My uncle had been up in the mountains fishing and felt like he had indigestion all day. My aunt was with him and she dropped him off fishing while she went shopping. She came back at the agreed upon time to pick up my uncle. When he met her at the car he told her he wasn't feeling well and then proceeded to have a heart attack. After he was stabilized enough he was transferred to a local hospital.

    While my uncle was in the hospital my aunt developed pneumonia and was hospitalized in the same hospital as my uncle. The family was taking turns staying with them both. It came my turn and I was going to stay the night. I was really anxious since I hadn't stayed with him before and didn't know what to expect.

    When I got there he was coughing up blood and said he couldn't breathe. He was in horrible shape. They had done all they could and didn't expect him to leave the hospital. All night I was helping him to urinate or switch out those long spit bags that hang in the room that he used to spit blood in. I just knew he was going to die before morning. I was really scared and prayed and prayed for him. I was also wide awake from the adrenaline of being so scared he was going to die on me.

    He had gotten settled for a few minutes and I sat down to look through a magazine and pray. Then I remember waking up and there was someone kneeling at my uncles left side. I asked them if everything was alright and they said he was fine and for me to go back to sleep. Then I woke up and my uncle was sitting up in the bed with a smile on his face and he started talking to me. He wasn't coughing up blood and he had the oxygen mask off. I was astonished at his turn around and ashamed that I had fallen asleep.

    Then my uncle said, "That was the cadiallac of services." I said what? and he repeated it, "That was the cadiallac of services." I asked him what he was talking about and he said that man had come in and ran a "thread" through his arm and it went into his heart and he was healed. I so was confused but thrilled that my uncle was better.

    So when the doctor came in we asked what they had done to him and they said no one had come in and done anything. He must of been hallucinating. But I saw that person too. So they asked the nurse and she didn't have any idea what we were talking about and the doctor assured us if anything had been run to my uncles heart it would of been done in the operating room and not in the patient room. We also wondered if an iv had been changed or removed and it wasn't since it was in my uncles right arm.

    So a few weeks later we were discussing it and we both believe we had been in the presence of an angel who saved his life. All we remember is that someone was there and we don't remember a name or a face or any features. I do feel truly blessed at witnessing this and I have witnessed other things but they have been not so nice things so I won't share those.
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    Oh and one other positive experience I remembered.

    My grandma died unexpectedly after breaking her hip. She had her hip replaced and had just been moved to a rest home when on her first and only night there she had a blood clot and died.

    It was sad and very unexpected. Well my Paw had found out a month before that he had skin cancer and was being treated without my grandma knowing. So we took turns taking care of him and taking him to his appointments. Turns out the cancer metastasized and was in his liver, lungs, and other organs.

    On the morning my Paw died I had a dream that him and my Grandma were walking hand in hand in heaven. This was about 6am. At around 10am my sister showed up at my house and I knew was she was going to tell me before she said it. I told her what had happened and we both broke down in tears.

    I believe they told me they were together and not to worry about them. BTW, he died 2 days shy of the one year anniversary of my Grandma's passing. Oh and my Paw did talk to people a couple of weeks before he died that had passed on. He was in his bedroom and would look at the ceiling and talk or just smile. My aunt and mom were in the room when he said "I didn't know you would be here." When I tried to ask him about it he told me he didn't want to talk about it.

    I have a lot of experiences and share them with my family but they all think I am nuts.
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    My grandfather began talking to dead relatives before he passed away from septicemia. I believe they were a comfort to him.

    My grandmother just began talking to her mom, her dad, and her mother-in-law, all of whom have died. She insisted they were there. So...I'm not sure what to think. If it's her time, I have every hope that she will be going home to heaven.
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    Quote from SCRN1
    Have you taken care of any patients who've had any?
    I've had many, many patients hallucinate.

    What of it?