Are there accelerated BSN programs starting in January? Where?

  1. 0 I have a Bachelors in Science from the University of Toronto (in Ontario, Canada) with a 2.93 gpa (I know it sucks )! I want to be a nurse and I understand that I have to have a Bachelors in Nursing which I can obtain after an Accelerated BSN program. I am now looking to apply to some schools that may be starting in JANUARY 2012, are there any recommendations? I don't mind going to the states (since my family is going to settle there) or staying in Canada. So if there are ANY accelerated BSN programs starting in January in USA or CANADA, I would really appreciate it if you could suggest them.

    Thank you!
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    I misread your message and didn't realize you were looking at Accelerated BSN only. I'd start just going down the list and seeing what schools offer accelerated BSNs and when they start. I was looking at Georgetown University today and it appears to have a fall/spring start for ABSN. Johns Hopkins has a summer start.
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    I know you are willing to move to the states but you might get more replies if you went to the tab above labeled "region" and chose "international nursing" to find the forum for our Canadian nurses. You can also post on forums for states that you might be interested in moving to. Good luck!
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    In California, Samuel Merritt University starts a ABSN program every January and finishes mid December.
    The program is available in the Oakland/San Francisco area and Sacramento. I believe their application deadlines are in July.
    Hope this is useful.
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    Regis University, CU and Metro State (all in Colorado) should have Jan Cohorts for their Accelerated BSN degrees. They are pretty to very competitive and the application deadlines are probably coming up sometime early summer, fyi.
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    University of Texas Arlington has an Accelerated BSN program that has several start dates throughout the year (I'm pretty sure one of them is January)... for this program you do your classes online and then clinicals at a hospital in the DFW area. Baylor University in Dallas also has an accelerated BSN ("Fastbacc" is what it's called there) as does Texas A&M, Texas Womans University, and Texas Christian University. Lots of options in Texas!

    Some of these school can be very expensive (A&M and UTA are by far the best value) as well as very competitive... I'm in the area also seeking a second degree and will most likely get my ADN through a community college and then bridge to BSN after graduating.
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    UNC Chapel Hill starts ABSNs only in January.

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