Alternative careers/education for Nurses

  1. Hi All!

    I'm currently a school nurse and I feel a bit trapped. (I also have Lupus and chronic pain.) I'd like to further my education/career and I'm thinking of studying for and taking the Pediatric Nurse Certification Exam rather than the School Nurse Certification Exam. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of non-MSN degree programs like Lactation Consultant or other medical certifications or careers with pretty good transition from nursing. I've been looking into MSN degrees but no track really interests me (Education, Informatics, Management). I hope this makes sense!

    In conclusion, how can I further my education/career without an MSN program that interests me? My fellow nurses in my district say that the MSN is pointless for a school nurse. The pay will only increase by .10. Nurses in this district are mostly retired and miserable. Those of us in our twenties never stay more than a year. It's disappointing. Please help...
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