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Hello! I am excited to say that back in March, I received my acceptance letter for the Traditional BSN Nursing Program at my University. I will start in the fall and I am counting down the days! I... Read More

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    I agree with the poster above...

    As your name states life is a journey. Don't stress yourself out now trying to figure out every little detail on your way to your ultimate goal. Have an end goal in site and take the necessary steps along the way in order to achieve this goal. You are already ahead of most nursing students in that you have CNA experience. I say take a few deep breaths and enjoy life. The fact that you are even thinking about being an APN and you haven't even started school tells me that you will be successful in whatever you do. So let life come to you and make the best out of the situations that you are thrown into. When I was in my early 20's I wanted to be a regional restaurant manger and be in charge of 6 stores (didn't work out) because I ended up getting back together with my high school sweetheart and marrying her!!!! Next I got a real estate license got into sales that didn't work out either. And now I have finally figured out that my end goal like you is to become an NP. I wouldn't change anything that has happened along the way. If anything those jobs that didn't work out only lead me to the path I am at now. I am telling you this because in my early 20's there was no way I could have written a plan for the way my life has worked out. Life just happens... but for the people who are motivated individuals the end result is always success because we will not accept failure! Good luck... and my 2 cents is it doesn't matter what path you take because you will be successful either way!
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    you really do not have to plan your whole life right now. Leave room for changing your mind as experiences may point you elsewhere. Good luck in your career.
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    Lol good luck working during a BSN program. You will barely have any time to sleep.
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    My first RN job was on a Med-Surge neurology floor where I had 8-10 patients a night. Talk about baptism by fire!! It was an invaluable experience. I learned organization, prioritization. It served be well for my next position in critical care, which was my dream job! Good Luck
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    Thanks for all the replies, they are really insightful! All of your support makes me feel that I've made a good decision to purse a nursing career. If you could only see me now, I'm blushing!!! Sorry that my post was more like a novel haha! As you can see, I'm a talker and it definitely transition into my writing as well . I'm still leaning towards critical care, but I am willing to keep my options open seek any opportunity that comes my way. Although things may not always go as plan, I like setting goal and seeing how close I can accomplish them.

    I've also wonder about the DNP as well. Ideally, I would like to start the ACNP program by 2015 or 2016, so it would be interesting to see if it has been sorted out by then.
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    Quote from JTworoger
    This is not a personal attack, but an observation... this did not help the OP at all, so why you even bothered posting a response like this is beyond me.
    Not an attack--just a response. The post wasn't directed to you, so you easily could have ignored it. Carry on...
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    Quote from JTworoger
    This is not a personal attack, but an observation... this did not help the OP at all, so why you even bothered posting a response like this is beyond me.
    I agree. It was actually pretty rude. If the post is too long, move along to another thread. Or "you easily could have ignored it."

    To the OP, another thing to keep in mind is that the job market when you graduate won't be the job market of today. By all means, gain experience and build connections as a CNA, keep an eye out for internships and know the dates for applications to new grad programs. But don't spend too much energy stressing about the job market after graduation right now- worrying about things you cannot control is worry wasted. You have two good plans and while in school you might find other areas you like more OR stumble upon unique opportunities you can partake in. I'm a planner too, and it's comforting, but for me it can also be a distraction from focusing on the journey while it's happening.

    Good luck in school!
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    I would add a step at 5.5 --- Obtain CCRN certification at year 2 or 3. This will show your commitment to critical care. Whether or not a applicant had CCRN certification was definitely noted by the ACNP Admissions committee at my University.
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    thanks for the advice UVA Grad Nursing, I will add that too my list!