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2013 Flu Shot Clinics

  1. 0 Can anyone tell me what agencies or companies hire RNs to administer flu vaccines? I'm not working at the moment and would like to do this in the meantime. I'm in the Orlando, FL area.
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    you do realize there won't be any vaccines till this Fall, I hope. Anyway, I would contact the health dept and maybe the infectious disease departments of various hospitals.
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    Immunization Clinics hire RN's and LPN's to administer flu vaccines as well as many other vaccines inside Walmart and Sam's Club's all across the country. This will be my 3rd season. It is easy extra cash. The season usually starts around Labor Day weekend and goes until about mid November. We will be starting to schedule our shifts anytime now. Check it out--shifts go fast!
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    We cannot discuss flu clinics on this web site I am sorry, good luck in your search