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General Articles About Nursing is available for our members to submit nursing articles that are not suited in any of our other sections. We have such talented members who are very gifted writers and have the inexplicable ability to create a vivid visual description through the written word. Please come and share your talent as you write about your experiences. Closed for new topics. Please submit your articles in General Nursing Discussions.

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  1. Landing a job in a tough economy
    Moved Article by NRSKarenRN May 14, '11
  2. A REAL Nurse
    Moved Article by Ruby Vee Oct 25, '10
  3. The best job in the world.
    Moved Article by remoteareanurse Mar 15, '11
  4. Something To Be Thankful For
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Nov 21, '09
  5. Haiti nursing experience
    Moved Article by oncnursemsn Feb 10, '09
  6. "How Can You Stand It?"
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas May 12, '09
  7. First Day of Clinicals
    Moved Article by justme01 Apr 2, '10
  8. Nursing Ethics:  About The Weather
    Moved Article by Ruby Vee Apr 13, '11
  9. I am still me
    Moved Article by blessedmomma247 Nov 27, '10
  10. Good-bye, Mrs. Meanjeans
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Sep 25, '10
  11. Managers can I change your opinion of them?
    Moved Article by madwife2002 Apr 8, '11
  12. Nurses Say the Darnedest Things!
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Oct 22, '09
  13. What Being a Nurse Has Taught Me
    Moved Article by Bugaloo Nov 14, '07
  14. Nursing There to Here...
    Moved Article by MotherBabyPoet Apr 4, '11
  15. Nursing Dx: Noncompliance of healthy lifestyle choices
    Moved Article by jsapphire Mar 24, '11
  16. What nursing will be like in the FuTuRe!
    Moved Article by TheMoonisMyLantern Apr 16, '11
  17. Do you have subnormal group mates?
    Moved Article by chellieRN Mar 30, '11
  18. A Nursing Exemplar; One New Nurse's Experience
    Moved Article by kris5 Mar 31, '11
  19. I married Santa
    Moved Article by BSN_after_40 Oct 30, '08
  20. Warning Nurses!  Holding It All In Can Kill You!
    Moved Article by Nurse_Advocate Apr 1, '08
  21. How My Instructor Affected My Life
    Moved Article by raekaylvn Jan 13, '09
  22. Going into Nursing... and the Proverbial Kick in the Butt that got me started
    Moved Article by Ms Kylee Nov 17, '07
  23. You Can't Make This Stuff Up!
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Sep 17, '09
  24. Elders Say the Darnedest Things!
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Jul 9, '09
  25. A Hero-In-The-Making Learns about Grieving From Real Heroes
    Moved Article by PrayeRNurse Mar 28, '11
  26. LUCKY! to have a job
    Moved Article by madwife2002 May 8, '09
  27. Tips For Human Beings Entering Nursing
    Moved Article by interleukin Feb 27, '08
  28. Sweet Pain
    Moved Article by Delver Mar 29, '11
  29. Nursing shortages, Baby boomers and the immigrant nurse
    Moved Article by madwife2002 Mar 7, '09
  30. Delayed Arrival
    Moved Article by maziemoo22 Mar 23, '11
  31. Passing the Torch
    Moved Article by denisegueits Mar 24, '11
  32. How To Tell If You're A Bully
    Moved Article by Ruby Vee Feb 24, '11
  33. The Patients Who Break Your Heart
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Nov 7, '07
  34. Sharing a Pearl
    Moved Article by Flare Mar 15, '11
  35. Indelible Love
    Moved Article by ellebilo Jul 17, '10
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