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General Articles About Nursing is available for our members to submit nursing articles that are not suited in any of our other sections. We have such talented members who are very gifted writers and have the inexplicable ability to create a vivid visual description through the written word. Please come and share your talent as you write about your experiences. Closed for new topics. Please submit your articles in General Nursing Discussions.

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  1. The Truth About Nurse Recruiters - Bonus or Bogus
    Moved Article by 43RN20 Nov 30, '07
  2. How To Select Patients for your Student Clinicals
    Moved Article by jcaste May 8, '08
  3. The Blue Gown Syndrome
    Moved Article by vadushkas_nurse Jun 9, '08
  4. They're not just feet...
    Moved Article by awongaemtcc May 31, '08
  5. Things That Go Boooop In The Night
    Moved Article by Angie O'Plasty, RN Jan 16, '08
  6. Come on! Breathe!
    Moved Article by 2shihtzus Jun 1, '08
  7. Family Centered Care in the ICU
    Moved Article by RNPATL Jun 4, '08
  8. Suicide
    Moved Article by NurseKymba Nov 18, '07
  9. I Can See it When You Smile
    Moved Article by 2shihtzus May 21, '08
  10. Everybody was Somebody's Baby Once
    Moved Article by la bellota Dec 4, '07
  11. To Terminate or Not to Terminate
    Moved Article by Justhere May 1, '08
  12. Nurses Must Learn to Take Care of Themselves
    Moved Article by Virginia PMH-NP May 4, '08
  13. Caring for unconscious patient.
    Moved Article by namzy Apr 29, '08
  14. Come On! Breathe!
    Moved Article by 2shihtzus May 22, '08
  15. Lessons from an Autopsy (Warning: Graphic)
    Moved Article by LovingNurse Mar 18, '08
  16. Technology's Impact on Critical Care Nursing
    Moved Article by saga May 11, '08
  17. That Day in the ER
    Moved Article by Ms Kylee May 6, '08
  18. Significant Others Requesting Euthanasia
    Moved Article by namzy May 12, '08
  19. Delight Thyself Nursing School at Last
    Moved Article by Daisykay Apr 25, '08
  20. Putting A Face On Mental Illness: A Personal Story
    Moved Article by Bugaloo Nov 18, '07
  21. Story: CNA rags to CNA riches!
    Moved Article by degraypoole Apr 25, '08
  22. How can she take that...
    Moved Article by sarahrain Apr 30, '08
  23. Tips for Surviving Nursing: The Trauma of caring
    Moved Article by sandygator Mar 24, '08
  24. Till We Meet Again
    Moved Article by TiaKay Apr 5, '08
  25. Tips On How To Be An Extraordinary Med-Surg Nurse
    Moved Article by Bugaloo Feb 22, '08
  26. Fight Nursing Stress Through Inspiration
    Moved Article by Nurse_Advocate Apr 8, '08
  27. Seeing the letters 'RN' with new eyes
    Moved Article by SillyStudent Apr 1, '08
  28. Pay It Forward
    Moved Article by faltura Apr 18, '08
  29. Positive Reinforcement for the GN and the Nursing Student
    Moved Article by nurse grace RN Mar 31, '08
  30. Tip for General Nursing: Remembering the Person within the Patient
    Moved Article by sst73 Mar 31, '08
  31. My Litttle Blue Nursing Bag
    Moved Article by Mar 31, '08
  32. Gringo's Question
    Moved Article by General E. Speaking, RN Mar 19, '08
  33. Tips for Pediatric Nursing:  For Every Heartache There Is A Reward
    Moved Article by oreo11 Mar 21, '08
  34. Tips for Human Nursing
    Moved Article by vadushkas_nurse Mar 25, '08
  35. New kid On The Block - How to fit in as a new nurse
    Moved Article by snowfreeze Dec 7, '07
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