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  1. What We Do Not Learn In School
    Moved Article by the_alchemist Aug 31, '08
  2. Funny Nursing-related story
    Moved Article by stacey2275 Oct 22, '08
  3. That Locked Door!
    Moved Article by travel225 Oct 25, '08
  4. My funny experience gaining experience with a "great learning opportunity"- SOAP SUDS
    Moved Article by vadushkas_nurse Oct 15, '08
  5. The Hair Not There
    Moved Article by LatteGuzzler Oct 15, '08
  6. Adam's Apples
    Moved Article by the_alchemist Oct 23, '08
  7. Misadventure in The Hospital of Infectious Diseases
    Moved Article by gingerbreadman0214 Oct 13, '08
  8. The Vaudeville Suturing Experience
    Moved Article by aknottedyarn Oct 17, '08
  9. The Phone Call from Beyond
    Moved Article by Hellllllo Nurse Nov 14, '07
  10. Misadventures in Nursing
    Moved Article by gingerbreadman0214 Oct 10, '08
  11. The direct admit, a funny story.
    Moved Article by oramar Sep 27, '08
  12. "I'm Leaving You Here....."
    Moved Article by NurseAlwaysNForever Aug 26, '08
  13. A Patient Who Changed My Life
    Moved Article by pn77 Sep 6, '08
  14. How quickly we forget.
    Moved Article by lemonaidangel Oct 7, '08
  15. Stand at attention!!!
    Moved Article by cjb73 Oct 1, '08
  16. Fixodent or Forget it!
    Moved Article by NurseAlwaysNForever Oct 7, '08
  17. Lights out
    Moved Article by lobstah Oct 2, '08
  18. The Mystery of the Denture Bandit(s)
    Moved Article by NurseAlwaysNForever Sep 26, '08
  19. Me and Mr. Smith and Waffles
    Moved Article by dianah Oct 7, '08
  20. Halloween Humor
    Moved Article by NurseAlwaysNForever Oct 3, '08
  21. It is my X-ray
    Moved Article by samjhana shakya Oct 5, '08
  22. Thanksgiving Humor
    Moved Article by NurseAlwaysNForever Oct 3, '08
  23. A Lick and A Promise
    Moved Article by nursejoy1 Sep 29, '08
  24. Barriers to Communication
    Moved Article by madwife2002 Oct 3, '08
  25. Night Nurse II: I Tawt I Taw A Puddy-Tat!
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Sep 30, '08
  26. Chocolate anyone???
    Moved Article by NurseAlwaysNForever Sep 26, '08
  27. Anniversary Interrupted.......
    Moved Article by NurseAlwaysNForever Sep 26, '08
  28. funny nursing stories
    Moved Article by focuszx5 Oct 1, '08
  29. My Funniest Nursing Story....I Gotta Learn to Speak the Language!
    Moved Article by skwlpn Sep 25, '08
  30. My father, his final lesson
    Moved Article by Ecmoking Sep 13, '08
  31. An Unbeating Heart
    Moved Article by General E. Speaking, RN Sep 25, '08
  32. The Crusty County Nurse Cracks Just a Bit
    Moved Article by it'sallbueno Feb 1, '08
  33. Some Kind of Friendship
    Moved Article by mother/babyRN Feb 25, '08
  34. Brave little soldier boy.......
    Moved Article by NurseAlwaysNForever Sep 14, '08
  35. Long term care nursing
    Moved Article by RATCHETT Sep 15, '08
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