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General Articles About Nursing is available for our members to submit nursing articles that are not suited in any of our other sections. We have such talented members who are very gifted writers and have the inexplicable ability to create a vivid visual description through the written word. Please come and share your talent as you write about your experiences. Closed for new topics. Please submit your articles in General Nursing Discussions.

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  1. A Meeting of Two Minds
    Moved Article by sharyn buccalo Feb 14, '09
  2. The Boy With the Broken Heart
    Moved Article by classicdame Feb 4, '09
  3. Human Like Me
    Moved Article by marian howe Feb 6, '09
  4. Research-Focused Nursing Doctoral Programs and Nursing Knowledge Development
    Moved Article by VickyRN Feb 2, '09
  5. Our Littlest Patient
    Moved Article by RuralNP4KIDS Feb 5, '09
  6. Where Is The Line Drawn? ...a difficulty in cross cultural health care
    Moved Article by 06CaliforniaRN Jan 16, '09
  7. Better Must Come
    Moved Article by augiebear Jan 28, '09
  8. Less Talk With A Little Bit Of Action
    Moved Article by pandaboi Feb 2, '09
  9. Dirty skylights and scraped chins
    Moved Article by journeygirl Jan 10, '09
  10. How about...a  HUMAN CULTURE
    Moved Article by vadushkas_nurse Jan 9, '09
  11. OB Nurse in a Small Rural Hospital
    Moved Article by VickyRN Jan 8, '09
  12. Navajo Nation in the 1970s
    Moved Article by ittybittykitty Jan 15, '09
  13. On Working With Sexual Minorities
    Moved Article by VivaRN Jan 9, '09
  14. Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone
    Moved Article by NabiRN Jan 10, '09
  15. It's up to you
    Moved Article by madwife2002 Jan 6, '09
  16. First Night duty in labor room
    Moved Article by spdhaka80 Jan 16, '09
  17. Transcultural Nursing - Transcending Cultural Barriers to Deliver Care
    Moved Article by ilovechadkrause Jan 28, '09
  18. Hasidic Jew Admitted for Bone Marrow Transplant
    Moved Article by oncnursemsn Jan 6, '09
  19. School Nursing: Burnout and Renewal
    Moved Article by Purple_Scrubs Jan 12, '09
  20. Singing with the Angels
    Moved Article by YelenaV Sep 15, '08
  21. My First Patient
    Moved Article by littleRNthatcould Aug 9, '08
  22. First Clinical Day, First Transcultural Experience
    Moved Article by NurseWannabe1129 Jan 9, '09
  23. Culture of Violence
    Moved Article by GilaRRT Jan 2, '09
  24. I'm going to jail for sure!
    Moved Article by BSN_after_40 Oct 31, '08
  25. no hablo espaņol
    Moved Article by Private Peds Nurse Jan 1, '09
  26. Hospice: Knowledge and Wisdom Worth Dying For
    Moved Article by WaynesvilleRN Jan 9, '08
  27. Without Words
    Moved Article by Shenanigans Jan 9, '09
  28. A Comparison BSN versus ADN Faculty Role
    Moved Article by VickyRN Oct 12, '07
  29. My First Nursing Instructor
    Moved Article by Angie O'Plasty, RN Jan 2, '09
  30. Angels Exist In Nurses
    Moved Article by thabstone Dec 23, '08
  31. A Tribute To My Mom
    Moved Article by kurisuchine08 Dec 5, '08
  32. The patient I "slept" with.
    Moved Article by racing-mom4 Oct 25, '08
  33. Strangest Lost one I ever had.....
    Moved Article by CathyLew Dec 29, '08
  34. The Art of the Snappy Comeback or How to Render a Teenager Speechless
    Moved Article by janfrn Nov 7, '08
  35. Code Status: When should we talk about it!
    Moved Article by klg315 Dec 8, '08
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