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General Articles About Nursing is available for our members to submit nursing articles that are not suited in any of our other sections. We have such talented members who are very gifted writers and have the inexplicable ability to create a vivid visual description through the written word. Please come and share your talent as you write about your experiences. Closed for new topics. Please submit your articles in General Nursing Discussions.

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  1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Reminders
    Moved Article by JustEnuff2BDangerous Aug 24, '09
  2. The Daughter, The Patient, The Mother and The Woman
    Moved Article by W2BANU Aug 19, '09
  3. Beware: A Patient May  Steal Your Heart
    Moved Article by Lindsey McGraw Aug 9, '09
  4. My Journey as a LPN Instructor
    Moved Article by BSN_after_40 Aug 17, '09
  5. "Momma, who are those children in my room?"
    Moved Article by mommiof2kids Aug 15, '09
  6. Just For Today
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Jul 30, '09
  7. I Dont Remember His Name
    Moved Article by rjglbws Jul 20, '09
  8. Foley Fiasco!!
    Moved Article by Babs0512 Oct 24, '08
  9. I Hear Singing And There's No One There
    Moved Article by mother/babyRN Feb 25, '08
  10. Ten Things I Love About Nursing
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Aug 13, '09
  11. My First Code
    Moved Article by ilovechadkrause Aug 9, '09
  12. A Nursing Dilemma
    Moved Article by kda340 Apr 22, '08
  13. Quest For Girls
    Moved Article by Lindsey McGraw Aug 9, '09
  14. Socialized Medicine: The Argument to Support moving forward
    Moved Article by madwife2002 Aug 17, '09
  15. My Child Has Wings...My path to Nursing School
    Moved Article by lexie'smama Aug 4, '09
  16. Dementia Can Kill You!!
    Moved Article by BSN_after_40 Aug 3, '09
  17. Socialised Medicine part 2
    Moved Article by madwife2002 Aug 17, '09
  18. The Little Round Thing
    Moved Article by Hope4us Jul 30, '09
  19. Grama Nancy
    Moved Article by nancynurse74 Aug 3, '09
  20. My very first patients funeral ( a thank you to nursing instructors)
    Moved Article by malestudentnurse Jul 31, '09
  21. Inmates as Patients in Hospital
    Moved Article by 4cas2 Apr 21, '09
  22. Laughter, the Best Medicine for Nursing School Blues
    Moved Article by sailgurlie Jul 27, '09
  23. My Miracle last April
    Moved Article by helicoptergal Feb 9, '09
  24. The Operating Room
    Moved Article by judybsn Mar 22, '09
  25. Drive Through Dialysis: A Study in Resource Utilization
    Moved Article by Hellllllo Nurse Nov 14, '07
  26. A Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day
    Moved Article by b a nurse Jul 23, '09
  27. Remember the Geri-Chair?
    Moved Article by Ruby Vee Nov 2, '08
  28. Tales from the ICF: Ed-EEEEEEEE!
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Jul 24, '09
  29. I wish I were blind
    Moved Article by itsmeemtp Jul 15, '09
  30. In the Presence of an Angel
    Moved Article by hartmom Jul 18, '09
  31. Changes in Healthcare and How it Affects Nurses
    Moved Article by Bugaloo Nov 22, '07
  32. Do We Really Understand Each Other?
    Moved Article by rodgerssm Jul 18, '09
  33. Real Nursing
    Moved Article by Angie O'Plasty, RN May 6, '09
  34. The archaeology of personality
    Moved Article by TrishJK Jul 16, '09
  35. My Patient, Mr. Stud Muffin
    Moved Article by Hope4us Jul 23, '09
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