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  1. nursing ruminations
    Moved Article by NamasteNurse Aug 26, '10
  2. Nurse Campy Fancy Pants!
    Moved Article by Doc Lori, R.N. Jul 25, '10
  3. Fired After 50, Part V: Happily Ever After (I Hope!)
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Aug 12, '10
  4. Do You Drink the Karmic Kool-Aid?
    Moved Article by Doc Lori, R.N. Jun 29, '10
  5. Fired After 50, Part III: It's Always Darkest Before Dawn
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Jul 31, '10
  6. My Best Nursing Job Ever
    Moved Article by Chico David RN Jun 29, '10
  7. Short Journey
    Moved Article by ellebilo Jun 23, '10
  8. Am I Babysitting or Supervising?
    Moved Article by BSN_after_40 Jun 15, '10
  9. Fired After 50, Part IV: A Time to Punt
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Aug 5, '10
  10. Just  Another Code
    Moved Article by interleukin Apr 24, '08
  11. Good Evening, Doctor!
    Moved Article by FutureMaleOhioNurse Jun 15, '10
  12. Life, Death, and Other Matters of Consequence:  Part I
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Nov 3, '09
  13. Fired After 50, Part II: Interviews---The Good, The Bad, and the Utterly Ridiculous
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Jul 19, '10
  14. Too Little, Too Late.....Too Bad
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Jul 6, '10
  15. A Patient That Changed My Life
    Moved Article by Bortaz, RN Aug 10, '08
  16. I am meant to be a nurse.
    Moved Article by mochamonster Mar 11, '10
  17. A Wardrobe Malfunction, or Why Not to Wear A Halloween Costume to Work
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Oct 31, '09
  18. Self Love and Boundaries for Nurses
    Moved Article by Doc Lori, R.N. Jun 15, '10
  19. Perserverance
    Moved Article by GBCN2011 Jul 16, '10
  20. Nursing shortages, Baby boomers and the immigrant nurse Part 2
    Moved Article by madwife2002 Apr 7, '09
  21. Tips for Surving Cardiac Telemtry
    Moved Article by Spatialized Mar 30, '08
  22. Eleven Things Your Nurse Thinks (But Will Never Tell You)
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Aug 26, '09
  23. Used Nurse: Part Deux
    Moved Article by VivaLasViejas Jun 19, '10
  24. Nursing Supervisor Takes a Holiday
    Moved Article by Davey Do Jun 14, '10
  25. MRSA Colonization in Healthcare workers and patients
    Moved Article by Mammy1111 May 5, '10
  26. Thank you Mrs. O
    Moved Article by dura_mater Jun 5, '10
  27. Coaching and Nursing perfect for patients
    Moved Article by virtualrn Jun 9, '10
  28. My Inside Does Not Match My Outside
    Moved Article by Lindsey McGraw Jun 6, '10
  29. You Think She May Come and See Me Today?
    Moved Article by gladyscruz Jun 8, '10
  30. I Will Never Call Myself Just an LPN anymore!
    Moved Article by queen777 Jun 2, '10
  31. Let's Make a Deal
    Moved Article by Arievilo May 7, '10
  32. Remembering My Life as a Nursing Student
    Moved Article by Salvie May 15, '10
  33. Society Needs Care Too
    Moved Article by leovineknight Nov 11, '09
  34. A transition in focus:  From individualized bedside nursing care to global healthcare
    Moved Article by sfdrugsafety Jun 2, '10
  35. Nursing...So far
    Moved Article by HurricaneHanns Apr 28, '10
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