Why such a difference in pay????!!

  1. Ok, so i posted about this job interview yesterday and how i needed to leave my current job during lunch, etc. Here's the link if you want to read it: Need Help Coming up with an Excuse!! - Nursing for Nurses

    Well, my friend who is working as a tech there (only for a few weeks) is making $17/hr and will get paid $25/hr once her license is available. So, she assumed I would be paid the same too. Well, when I talked with the manager, she told me $18-$20 to start!!! What?? Why such a huge difference? AND it's only prn right now.. so averaging 32 hours a week.. you'd think they'd pay more. My friend is confused as to why there's such a difference and she's going to ask about her pay on thursday when she goes back to work (after her vacation). I didn't have much time to discuss money details b/c I had to come home and pump and go back to work... but I plan on calling her tomorrow to negotiate a bit and see where it gets me. Do you know why there would be such a difference in the offer?
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    Maybe I am missing something, but couldn't find your previous post so I have no idea what you are talking about!
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