what type of sedation do you endoscopy nurses do?

  1. What are your standards of care as far as type of sedation used for endoscopy? Do you use anesthesia MAC or IV sedation? (like versed & demerol). How many nurses in the endoscopy procedure-Endo. nurse, endo. circulator, and anesthesia? What about call?

    Just trying to get a mental picture on how things are done in Dubai. Is the nursing staff
    on call, like we are here in the united states? How often do you get called in, what about call pay, call back pay or are you paid a flat salary?

    I only have about a million questions? Anyone over there with children? I single mom also looking at Dubai. Do the employers have accommodations for nurses coming together as a group? Any child care offered at any of the employers? Can someone find a job once there or do you have to have a job first, like my fiance that does construction.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. God Bless You All.
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