Quick Question about Cirrhosis

  1. 0 When someone is dx with cirrhosis, are you more concerned about them being jaundice, or an increase in their abd girth? Thanks!
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    Jaundice is more of a sign, although the collection of bile salts in the skin can be very uncomfortable. Ascites, the collection of fluid in the abdomen, signals a drop in intravascular protein, provides a culture medium for infection, puts pressure on the internal organs and vessels, decreases lung capacity, causes varicose veins in the esophagus which are prone to bleeding and contributes to hypertension. As the liver continues to fail, the serum ammonia levels will begin to climb and the patient will start to lose metal sharpness; if the NH3 level gets high enough, coma ensues. Fibrinogen levels will also fall and bleeding from any cause is a serious risk. There are many issues that can pose a danger to the person's life.

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