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Pay rate for GI nurse

  1. 0 Wondering what an average pay would be for a GI/Endo nurse? I have interview coming up next week at an outpatient GI center, Monday-Firday job, no weekends...Thanks.
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    No call, no weekends........I am jealous! I have no idea of what that position might get for pay. In the hospital where I work, we get paid the same as floor staff. The difference is that we take call a week at a time. This job would be perfect if there were no call and weekends! Good luck!
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    Obviously, pay rates are different from state to state. I've been in GI about 6 yrs. and have rec'd about 10 increases. Go for it!! GI is very rewarding. No one likes taking call, but it's not that bad. GOOD LUCK!
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