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LPN recovering post moderate sedation patients

  1. 0 Can LPNs recover post moderate sedation patients?
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    I'm not sure on this one, but the place I job shadowed at yesterday had a RN working in the Recovery area with no ACLS certificate. I thought it was ironic when the hiring manager just told me in the interview that they do not do that.
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    Not sure either. The big difference between LVN's and RN's is giving IV push medicine? If the recovery patient needs something IV who would give it? If a RN was immediately available to help out I see no problem.
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    bad form. not saying the lpn in question is sharp enough to spot a pt fixin to crap out..but i know lpns in my state cannot push cardiac meds (epi, atro, neo..) you need to have a als trained rn to recover.

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