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  1. How does your facility handle low census? I work in a large level one trauma center hospital. I applied for and accepted a 40 hour 1.0 FTE full time position. Working 4 10 hour days. Since I have started I have yet to work a 40 hour week. I have been asked to start later and end they day sooner once all procedures are done. Basically average about 8 hours a day.

    I accepted the position because of the 1.0 FTE. But its obvious all they really needed was a 0.8 FTE. I would have never accepted the position If I knew this.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  3. by   MereSanity
    Good luck. The nurses in my department are lucky to get 20 hours some weeks.
  4. by   Student Mom to Three
    Same at my outpt center. Hired for 40 and my manager really does do everything possible to make sure all staff are able to get their hours, but sometimes it just can't be done. If I lose one hour each day (which does happen) it comes to about $8000 lost per year. Not good.
    I start at the VA next week. I asked specifically about this and was very clearly told that FT employees are always there for the 40 hours. I think we are salaried employees as I was given an annual salary instead of hourly. Try the VA!
  5. by   MereSanity
    No VA in my town.

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