Endoscopic Centers Profit Sharing

  1. GI physicians make a big part of their salaries from doing endoscopic procedures. Open an ASC endoscopic center and they can charge a "facility fee" on top of the fee for the actual procedure. These are huge money makers for GI practices. Should not the nurses finally share in the profits in these centers? The staff is what makes the difference for the type of experience a patient will have. Nurses and staff should be rewarded for having a successful efficient center.

    Nurses need to start thinking more like business persons. We are a big part of the success for these centers. We should be fiscally rewarded for this.

    Should not GI nurses finally be rewarded and insist on profit sharing.
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  3. by   RNsRWe
    And share in the reimbursement nightmares and malpractice risks? I think I'd rather collect my salary with NO risk. I am rewarded for my performance with annual bonuses and pay increases.
  4. by   CloudStomp
    My ASC does do profit sharing. RNs get a minimal cut in profits once they have worked there for 12 months. It's not a lot of money but it does create a feeling of being a valued part of making the place run well.