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  1. Hi everyone.
    I am a fourth semester nursing student, and I will be beginning my preceptorship in endo in a couple of weeks. I've had one clinical day in endo (in 2nd semester) and really enjoyed it -- so I am very much looking forward to the preceptorship. I've been doing research so I can hopefully get as much out of this experience as possible, but I need your help and suggestions on one area.

    As part of our curriculum, we are to prepare an inservice presentation for the members of the unit we're assigned to. To be honest with you, I had never even heard of an inservice until I learned we had to do one. I have a basic understanding of what it is, and I was wondering if you all could give me some suggestions as to what a good topic would be.

    I understand that as a nursing student, I'm not expected to come up with any mind-blowing information, but I would like to do something other than the knee-jerk hand hygiene or infection control -- I don't want to put the endo nurses to sleep! What are some topics you as endo nurses would like to hear about in a presentation?

    Thanks in advance -- sorry this was kind of lengthy!
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