Difference between GI lab and Gastroenterology Clinic

  1. 0 I have an interview with a Gastroenterology Clinic and I was wondering what the difference is between a Gastroenterology Clinic and a GI Lab or Endoscopy center. What would a manager be looking for in a RN at a Gastroenterology Clinic? I have worked Med/Surg in an acute care setting for about 2 years. Does anyone have any interview tips? Thanks for the help!
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    I feel confident saying those names mean the same thing. They sound like out patient GI clinics (or)) labs.

    In hospital or (in house) GI labs/clinics can have sicker patients and do more invasive procedures but still both out patient clinics and in house clinics do mostly the same thing.

    Out patient GI clinics like to do a lot of patients. So they want to make a profit, so what? Anyway they want a nurse who will quickly get patients in and ready pre procedure, or up, awake, and out the door, post procedure.

    I would be ready to tell the manager you work quickly (but safely). Are good with IV's (most places want the RN to start the IV's).

    I would assume or hope you know some basic information about colonoscopies, esophagpgastroduodenoscies, and about moderate or conscious (same thing) sedation.
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    Thanks, brownbook!

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