Conscious sedation carts?

  1. Is anyone using a cart to take out of unit to provide sedation to ICU, CCU, ER patients, or to take to radiology when doing procedures under flouro? How about for doing ERCP's in radiology? I have put one together to try to have everything available , monitor, IV pole on it, plus a writing surface, but would be interested to know what everyone else is doing. Contents on ours are: Top drawer- everything for one case- electrodes, pulse ox probe, oral airways, nasopharyngeal airways, reversals- narcan and romaz, along with atropine-ready to draw up, versed and fentanyl labelled syringes, needles to draw them up, nasal cannula w/ etCO2 adapter, ready to use face mask, non-rebreather mask, suction tubing w/ yankaur- orher drawers have back up of above, plus stuff to restart IV, IV fluid, stethoscope, extra flow meter for O2, extra suction liner in case room doesn't have one in place, chux, towel, and of course, AMBU in open section, ready to grab if needed. I wanted to keep it for non-code use, so the crash cart is there for intubation, or other emerg. drugs, etc. Can anyone advise? Also wondering who is monitoring ETCO2 on patients. Thanks, Mary
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