baking soda?

  1. Thought I would run this by some experts here before I approach the MD. My PT has a long standing G-tube used for drainage. He is fed via tpn. His stoma leaks constantly and what I presume is the acid from his stomach is eating up his skin. None off the usual and expensive dressings seem to help. What about some baking soda to help neutralize the acid as or before it hits this skin. Is this a crazy idea? I know that stopping the leak would be best but so far we are not having much luck there... Thanks folks!
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  3. by   Creamsoda
    What about an ostomy appliance made as small as possible around the hole the keep the site from getting excoriated and hold the drainage? Or using a barrier cream with gauze to absorb the drainage and change when needed. Ive never heard of baking soda, how would it stay on anyway?