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  1. 0 my little sister wants to be a forensic nurse. Where does she start, what should she do to beef up her resume.
    Shes only in 9th grade but she is a genious and wants to get a head start.
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    She should find a forensic nurse to shadow! They could tell her all the in's and out's. Mostly at this point it is taking lots of science, getting great grades and getting her RN. That is the step everyone takes no matter what area they want to specialize in.

    good luck!
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    It seems a lot of forensic nurses start out as SANE's. In my state you can't even get the SANE training unless you have a couple years of ED experience. I think a lot of the other Forensics programs require some kind of experience to even get into the program. Refer her to the IAFN.org website for ideas of what is available and expected. That should keep her busy for a while

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