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  1. 0 Hello, I am a senior nursing student doing a seminar on forensic nursing tomorrow. I need to interview a forensic nurse tonight! I would greatly appreciate any help. Here are my questions:

    1. What Undergraduate/Graduate school did you attend? What degrees/certifications have you obtained?
    2. What jobs have you had (including non-forensic?)
    3. What made you decide to go into forensic nursing (your specialty in particular?)
    4. What have you found to be the most rewarding part of being a forensic nurse?
    5. How has your work in forensic nursing changed your views of nursing practice?
    6. Anything else you would like to add?

    If you can't/don't want to answer all the questions that's fine, only answer the ones you want. You can reply here or send me a message if you prefer. Thank you so much to anyone who helps!

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    Hello, Tiffany, and welcome to!!

    I sent you a private message. Good luck with your assignment.

    We hope you enjoy the site.

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