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  1. 0 HI just wondering about forensic nursing jobs. I'm very interested in this, probably more in a role of reviewing the evidence, and cases. Not so much visiting the scene of the crime, where there a dead bodies, but after the body is removed. I have been looking online for forensic nursing jobs, and haven't seen any in MAssachusetts. I really want to pursue this, but If there are not many jobs out there, then...... I dodn't think I will. I've been a nurse for a year of a pedi surgical floor, and will be working in the OR for the next couple years, but I would like to start some classes soon.

    Any info is helpful. Not sure if I'm just not searching in the right palces.

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    Hello, ladybug,

    I answered your post in the MA forum here:

    Hope there are others who can assist you.

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