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Forensic Nursing Internship for Student

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    I am really interested in pursuing forensic nursing after I graduate from nursing school. I am a junior in college right now and will graduate in 2014. I am trying to research different opportunities for me to either shadow or do an internship with a forensic nurse so I can really see what it entails. I have watched a documentary on forensic nursing and read a lot about it, but seeing everything first hand I think would be better in helping me figure out if it is something I want to pursue for sure. I am having trouble figuring out where to go to find an internship like this or where to find a forensic nurse near me to contact. I am in Southern California, so pretty much anywhere in this area would be preferred. Thank you all so much.

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    PM me. If you are where I hope you are, or are affiliated with who I'm hoping you are affiliated with I might have a connection for you