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    Hello all

    I will be applying to a school here in Houston to complete a 2nd degree BSN program and I hope to go into Forensic Nursing. Are there any Forensic Nurses that can tell me what they do daily and how they feel about their profession? I hear so many horror stories about working in medical facilities and private care that it scares me to even think about working in a hospital but I know I will need the experience before I jump right into Forensic Nursing. I have a BS in Criminal Justice but I am currently working in the Financial field so I am not gaining any experience at this time in healthcare or investigations which are necessary for FN. Any advice or general comments/info would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Here's the link to the Forensic Nursing Forum, you'll probably get more replies. Good luck with your education!
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    Moved to the Forensic nursing forum

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